Skylanders [Commentary 13] Spyro’s Adventure – Goo Factory
Skylanders [Commentary 13] Spyro’s Adventure – Goo Factory

Visit for more reviews and interviews! Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Walkthrough – Goo Factory [Commentary 13] – Xbox 360 by Robert Welkner http Skylanders [Commentary 12] Spyro’s Adventure – Troll Warehouse Skylanders 101 – Eruptor Skylanders 101 – Stump Smash Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Walkthrough – Shattered Island – [Commentary 01] Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Walkthrough – Perilous Pastures – [Commentary 02] Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure E3 2011 Interview Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Nintendo 3DS Interview From Press Release: Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure lets kids take on the role of a powerful Portal Master who can control over 30 different characters, including the beloved purple dragon Spyro. Each of these heroes is a protector of Skylands, an amazing mysterious world which has been taken over by a sinister Portal Master known as Kaos; a powerful enemy that has frozen the Skylanders as toys and banished them to Earth. Only the players of Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure can help return these heroes back to their world by embarking on an adventurous journey where they will explore mythical lands, battle menacing, outlandish creatures, collect treasures, and solve challenging puzzles as a part of a quest to save Skylands. TOPICS: How to play How to play Skylanders How to play Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure How to

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  1. wheres the soul gem???

  2. me want pancake!!!!!!

    p.s. nice vid

  3. you shoot the fuel tank where the arrow is pointing.

  4. Dude, you’ve gotta hit the tank on its frickin’ butt!

  5. Where can i buy dino-rang and drill seargant

  6. to kill the tank hit it in the back

  7. You have to attack the tables from behind where the arro is pointing. Nice vids

  8. awsome

  9. to kill tank hit behind it

  10. To kill a tank you have to hit it from behind!

  11. u need more co-op also u should try some of the battle arena with

  12. terrafin is a great earth element and comes in the pirate pack expansion and ghost roaster is powerful for undead and comes with the darklight crypt expansion – both fun!

  13. Who would you say is the best undead and the best earth skylander? I’m not sure which ones to get!

  14. thx for watching! i’ll try to put Eruptor in rotation – did u see the skylanders 101 video i made with eruptor?

  15. thx for watching my skylanders vids – i totally forgot you have to shoot the back of the tanks!

  16. can you use eruptor more times he is my second favorite

  17. can you use trigger happy for the next episode

  18. 1º you had to shut the tank from behind where the red arrow is pointing
    2º notice that when ignitors “fires from his head the armor falls, that is because HE is the flame and he is comming out of the armor to burn ther enemies.
    3º i thought that ghost roaster had like a ball with spikes on his tail.

  19. thx yo – i’ll try that out with the tanks – i forget sometimes how to beat them!

  20. thx yo – i need to remember that when i face the tanks!

  21. thx man!

  22. SHOOT THE RED ARROW ON THE BACK OF THE TANKS - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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