MW3 Infected Spots – Part 4 (Piazza)
MW3 Infected Spots – Part 4 (Piazza)

In the video, I recorded some infected spots for you all on the new map ‘Piazza’ (: My Twitter. The Song:

  1. U do know they have throwing knifes

  2. Good vidio ツ☆ミ ☆彡

  3. Guys if you want a better version of this song its called Mind Your Manners- Chiddy Bang

  4. how do you get infected on DLC maps

  5. don’t put it on youtube keep it to yourself it will be patched

  6. Message me on YouTube and I will happily tell you.

  7. In every video of mine. The song is in the description.

  8. What song is this

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