Let’s Play Ninja Gaiden 3 – Part 1 (Xbox 360 HD Gameplay & Commentary)
Let’s Play Ninja Gaiden 3 – Part 1 (Xbox 360 HD Gameplay & Commentary)

Welcome to my „Let’s Play“ of Ninja Gaiden 3. This is a full playthrough, from beginning to end with commentary. I hope you like it and if you do; Comment and Subscribe. Thank you for watching. =D

  1. Ya bad choice of words on my part, the QTE’s do get quite annoying when they are used repeatedly such as certain bosses where half of the fight is spent in special event sequences filled with nothing but QTE’s. I still enjoy the idea of the Kunai Climb, I haven’t had any climbs that were annoyingly long. Though I know some gamers may have problems with the alternating of the triggers.

  2. It’s „guy-den“ for the record.

    I heard some things about the game too. By „more quick time events,“ you mean their inclusion in the first place. The others never had any. The impact in fighting seems solid enough, but I expect the constant zooming during hits to annoy somebody.

    The storytelling seems different. I hear it has the same writer from the NES days. Kunai Climb is a call back but I think it hurts the pace

    Too soon judge yet. I think it’s a bit over-reliant on QTE’s though.

  3. Yup, I actually pre-ordered for PS3 but they mixed it up somehow so w/e

  4. wow Ninja Gaiden 3 looks awesome so far your playing it on xbox right ??

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