IGDaily – Xbox 720 Rumors – 4/3/12
IGDaily – Xbox 720 Rumors – 4/3/12

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  1. bro team makes this watchable

  2. oh look, xbox is finally getting blu ray, that was about time, maybe now games don’t have to be dumped down so that xbox users can play, oh wait, by the time xbox 720 reach the 2010 level of hardware PS3 and PC will be decades more evolved

  3. i’m pretty sure you are really mad by now, you should ask your mom to sing a song so you can sleep little baby

  4. the words at the start means „he didnt drink water“…

  5. At 6:52,  The Ninja Gaiden trailer, what move does he do? It looks like Rock Lee’s Hidden Lotus.

  6. Where do they get IGDs background music? the one where they are talking and its a funky tune in the background?

  7. Haha it will get old once people stop getting mad

  8. i think bro team is starting to grow on me. i also like how they put the name of the game on the screen now.

  9. „umadbro“ is getting old, kid…. u need to get out more

  10. i don’t want a 720 i want a PS4 :I but Sony is probably gonna *improve* Their product

  11. roflmao at that Jewish accent 😀 and wtf was that at 8:36  hahaha

  12. BUG PRINCESS 2!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. @Dragonk116 sony shut psn down because there was a threat of attack not because there actually was one on PSN. It was sony and its employees that were hacked by aonymous and sony shut don psn to amke sure no information was lost…

  14. your sooooooooooo awsome brysi

  15. I thought it was pretty funny and informative, actually. What makes your douchy, homophobic comment better than his, mister tenyearoldonacomputer?

  16. sooooo…..
    a Xbox 720? hhmmmm
    we will see.

  17. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    If this comment can get
    1 like I will throw a slurpee at my teacher
    5 likes I will throw a paper book at my teacher
    15 likes I will throw a burrito at my teacher
    30 likes I will throw an egg at my teacher
    51 likes I will throw a condom filled with milk at my teacher

    Have a friend record a video of me doing it, and upload the video Friday if I get it.
    I’ll be checking back soon to see what I get =)

  18. yeah.. sorry about that, i knew that there was no such thing but i forgot that it was called hindi so i just wrote „indian“, i guess its like if you called my language „israeli“ and not „hebrew“ lol

  19. What are you taking about?

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