I Am Alive – Review
I Am Alive – Review

Should you endure this struggle for survival in I Am Alive or just succumb to the elements? See more I Am Alive media on GameTrailers: www.gametrailers.com

  1. survival/scavenging/platforming? count me in.

  2. Why Do You Write In This Retarded Stupid Annoying Way Dude? It Is Hard To Understand!!!

  3. released loooong time ago dude! =P

  4. is it released yet?

  5. Only Arcade ? My Old Man Likes This Game A Lot … And Those Assholes From Ubisoft Made A Shit For Arcade :-?? I Understand That Is „Cheap“ On The XboxLive Or WhatEver … But When You Don’t Have Money For An Unmoded Xbox … What Do You Do ? 🙁

  6. guys is there awebsite which can i know how much every game cost? i mean the cost to develop the game.
    any idea?

  7. My friend played through the game without firing a single bullet. The game isn’t anywhere near as formulaic as he makes the combat sound.

  8. That not how accuracy works.

  9. Hurry up YouTube I wanna watch mobile lol

  10. better late than never

  11. Nope, his review is accurate. I’ve played the game, and he’s spot on.

    And before you say it, no, I don’t suck either. The gameplay is good enough to keep going, but choppy enough to keep reminding you that this is a game cut down from originally being a retail game several years ago to being an arcade title.

  12. Sounds like the reviewer sucked at the game.

  13. Like always, that’s why the reviews in here are so accurate (:

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