[How To] Make Your PC Gamepad Controller Emulate the Xbox 360 Controller (No BS Tutorial)
[How To] Make Your PC Gamepad Controller Emulate the Xbox 360 Controller (No BS Tutorial)

Update 3-31-12: After a huge revolt, I have put up the dedicated link to the download file: minus.com Update 1-8-12: Latest link: code.google.com Update 6-4-11: Yes, you can emulate pressure sensitive button pressing! Thanks to commenter Garfuck, this is what he said: „The „XBOX 360 Controller Emulator with XInput 32bit“ is the only one, that worked for me „code.google.com/p/x360ce/downloads/list“ ; dont forget to also dwnload the fitting xinput from the same page. I first didnt and had to reinstall the game. But after that I started the prog in the game direction WITH the unpacked „x360ce Library 32bit″ and it worked!! My triggers are half axis 4 and inverted half axis 4.“ Some PC games require an Xbox 360 controller to play. Learn how to make your regular PC game pad emulate the Xbox 360 game pad. Please read the readme instructions. If you have serious PC issues, consult the forums of this program, not me. Download: minus.com Main website: virusdev.ovh.org Source website with author’s email: www.tocaedit.com Update: User submitted Tip Below: „You can actually skip the step where you go to your system devices to get the PID and VID of your gamepad. just extract the contents of the file you download from that link, then run the XInputTest.exe. if you open x360ce.ini, the PID and VID will now be the same as your controller’s. you can use this application to test out your mapping. also, if you’re using an xbox 360 controller or madcatz, and

  1. My download didn’t come with xinputtest.exe, the help file is useless, and the program doesn’t recognize my joystick when I open it. It does nothing. Joystick works. Xbox controller works. X360ce does not do anything. Program comes up, but no axis or button is recognized. Program seems dead.

  2. i have a gigaware pc controller and i what to used to play gta 4 but i have gta 4 in the steam account and i dont know where to put the x360ce folder in the steam folder thank for your help

  3. 2:32 i dont have that hid…… line in my pc help!!

  4. „IF“ you have a PS3 controller, you can get the freeware „DS3 Tool“ and it will install drivers for the DS3 controller and it also has an option to act as an Xbox 360 controller.

  5. hey how you open control panel man. plz reply…..

  6. Just watch the video, and if the emulator doesn’t work, then move on with life.

  7. how to play a cracked version of skyrim with this emulator and a gigaware controller?????????????????????????????


  9. That thing at 2:03

    …how do you do that?

  10. 1 Problem,x360ce works fine on games,but i have Steam and TF2,where i do put the 2 files??

  11. 2 things: it doesn’t recognize my joystics and i cannot use it with cod waw

  12. analog and dpad not working
    please help

  13. my right analog and D pad aren’t working any help please …!?!?!??!!

  14. I play Fifa 12, and my problem is that when I use the left stick in the menu, it jumps two rows instead of one. I guess it has to do with Dead Zone, and I found this AxisToDPadDeadZone=256.
    Any ideas if that is the option I have to change and which are the values I should use?

  15. for reversed movement problem :

    1- open the x360ce.ini
    2- change FakeAPI=0 to FakeAPI=1

    that will solve the Forward/Backward movement problem !

  16. this is not workin gfor gta 4

  17. For some reason the triggers on my gamepad control the right stick’s left and right movement. And since the right stick doesn’t have a number I have no idea on how to fix it… Can someone please help me 🙁

  18. hey i have done all you said
    but it’s not running in need for speed the run
    can you help me please

  19. sry i meant „twin“ controllers lol. thanks bro problem solved i changed the index of pad2 from -1 to 1.

  20. thanks a lot brother 😀

  21. Yeah it is great, but my controller won´t vibrate in game. I have it on in settings, it vibrates in Dirt 3. but it won´t vibrate in games like Crysis 2, Alan wake…. I have Speedlink strike

    how to make it vibrate?

  22. well when i turn the right analog it turns left plz help

  23. Anyone have any luck using a Saitek P2600 pad with this? everything works except one axis on the right hand joystick

  24. How I manage second controller ?

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