how to delete a xbox 360 profile
how to delete a xbox 360 profile

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This video is to show you how to burn an xbox 360 game and what the prosses is so sit back and enjoy. Comment and Subscribe!!

  1. if u delete an account and have microsoft points on it will the points be gone?

  2. thanks that helped loads!!!!!! XD

  3. thanks man it worked:)

  4. volume all the way down

  5. thank you so f”king much!

  6. Thanks Gerardo advice

  7. i like the song this is a short but good advice

  8. this is why i love youtube

  9. what ive done linkin park

  10. thanks brofalo wing

  11. nice and simple nice vid

  12. if it does not pass stealth can i play the game offlineeee

  13. I want to figure out how to flash my 360! then I’ll be happy

  14. then you must be deaf dumb and blind

  15. worked perfectly thanks

  16. when i extract my virus protection says its a spy worm or somthing

  17. where do you download your games?

  18. I apologize is this is a dumb question, likely one that was answered in the video already, but it’d be really helpful if you gave me a response. I have my 360 flashed, have for a long time, but I don’t have any contacts in getting burned games anymore. How would I do it myself? Just buy blank DVDs and follow the process you’ve shown? No special disc drive necessary, or DVDs? I’ve already been banned from Xbox Live, so installing that ghost patch or whatever won’t be necessary.

  19. you take the dvd drive out of your 360 then you flash the firmware of it

  20. what does “flashed mean someone plzz tell me?

  21. Hai i like to know do i need to install any custom firmware in oder to play burn DVDs

  22. first i cant hear shit second i cant see shit man SUCK MY BALLS

  23. Do they have to be DVD/R, or can it be CD-ROM? Does my 360 have to be modded?

  24. @ZackCrisisFair Their many videos on youtube on how to do it or u can buy one of ebay some people sell the whole console and some people sell just the drive

  25. dose your xbox have to be flashed

  26. Do you have to use axg burn

  27. omg ill be there forever doing that

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