Gotham City Impostors – Opinions Are Needed
Gotham City Impostors – Opinions Are Needed

See The Full Gotham City Impostors Show Here!!! ➜ ➜ Gotham City Impostors – Opinions Are Needed In this episode I need help deciding things! =-=-=-=-= Director =-=-=-=-= By Chris Jay: http: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ►Gotham City Impostors ▼ Gotham City Impostors is a first-person shooter multiplayer-only video game set in the universe of DC Comics‘ Batman. Developed by Monolith Productions and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the downloadable game will be played from the perspective of two teams each trying to kill the other: one with people dressed like Batman and the other with people dressed like his archenemy, The Joker. It is set to be released on Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation Network and Microsoft Windows in February 2012. The game will be playable by at least eight players simultaneously. The player can customize their costume, gadgets and other aspects of the game. It will feature a colorful and over-the-top visual style, including such settings as an amusement park. In addition to guns and knives, the players will be able to use other gadgets such as grappling hooks, glider wings, rollerskates and explosives. The game includes both conventional guns and outlandish weapons, including a grenade fashioned like a jack-in-the-box and a rocket launcher made of PVC piping. One capture the flag-style mode of the game, called „Psychological Warfare“, involves the two teams trying to bring a battery back to their base and

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  2. my x forst me to whatch justins never say never

  3. your statement intrigues me

  4. i now the relationship thing all i have to say justin beaber

  5. sounds like an interesting movie

  6. ok here goes in a nutshell its the future and theres no water eccept in the form of ice and only certain people have access to it so theres this groupe of people who steal the ice and its about them but its all set in space and time speeds up on them because of some astrological sumpthin and its grrrrreat ice pirates its from the 80s but its great find and watch and let me know what u think k

  7. whats that movie about?

  8. im glad:P

  9. haha then i would have way too much to post lol

  10. ok here goes watch a movie called ice pirates and do a vid on it but i think ull find enough material in it u might have to do a longer bf3 game

  11. id watch those bf3 vids

  12. im kinda a noob so i dont mind seein kdr in the negative it makes me feel better about my playing…lol

  13. haha alright im just thinking about how im gonna do that series:P

  14. i think you should do the movie things, i haven’t watched any of your BF3 gameplay videos yet but I’ll try. 😛

  15. fair enough, and im glad you like my commentary

  16. alrighty i will try my best to make everyone happy 😀

  17. haha thanks:D

  18. im in the caribou

  19. no i actually havent seen that?

  20. i will be doing some different classes soon and im still thinking of a schedule

  21. im glad you like my channel:D

  22. just submit it here in the comments

  23. im glad that you are entertained by everything

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