Gamerpic Injector Get Any Gamerpicture (Xbox 360)
Gamerpic Injector Get Any Gamerpicture (Xbox 360)

How to Get Any Gamerpicture For Xbox 360 You Will Need The Data Migration Kit To Do So :D Gamerpic Injector: Injector.rar

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  1. Hey guyz add Mr Hacker Pro, he does all kinds of hacks, some are free, some are not
    message him, he’ll hook you up

  2. Seems like a lot of work for a simple $1.00 investment.

  3. link is not working thumps up if you agree

  4. I like how its listed as Education lol…


  6. faulty link

  7. its does not update well it updates for 1 sec but finds no games

  8. why would you get banned for gamer pics????

  9. Has anyone been banned because of this?

  10. this shi is old man i knew how to do this a long time ago

  11. Hey does this work on a mac??

  12. When im finished and i export con or whatever it says no numbers of letters pop up so i saved it as gp and then everytime i try to drag and drop a circle with a line comes up and i cant.

  13. damm to bad it requiers live : FUCK!

  14. it did not work it said you cant transfer this?

  15. will a flash drive work?

  16. use the modio gamerpic injector

  17. is it possible to get the Metal battalion maidens 2 picture pack from team DZN? someone answer back please.

  18. 1:47 Resigign lol Good vid

  19. hi i used the gamepic injector, found some pics but most games dont even show up any pics. do you know how to fix this?

  20. Move your mic away from your face for future reference. - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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