Do Used Games Hurt Developers?
Do Used Games Hurt Developers?

After reading an article by Denis Dyack, from Silicon Knights, saying that used games hurt developers, I was somewhat curious about this. Denis Dyack is from the very same Silicon Knights that hasn’t produced anything good since Eternal Darkness on the Gamecube.

Is it just me or has some of Bobby Kotick’s stupid commentary rubbed off on other developers? I am sure some developers cannot wait until everything’s digital distribution only, that way they will get the entire pie and not just a piece of it. Do I believe that used game sales hurt the industry? Most definitely not, in fact I think the used game industry actually helps promote the sale of new games.

Let’s take for example little Johnny. Little Johnny buys his first Gears of War game second hand; this would be his first entry into the Gears franchise.

After enjoying the first game, he goes out and buys the second and third game in the franchise. Not to mention any DLC that might have been released with those games. After all of this, the developers still get a steady stream of revenue. 

Between this and artistic integrity, the developers, like Silicon Knights, have lost the plot and their minds altogether. Instead, you know what does hurt the gaming industry and us the consumer? Releasing extremely crappy games at R600.

Gamers shouldn’t be blame if a developer made a bad game which doesn’t sell well. There is an easy solution to all of this: if you don’t like used game sales, then start pricing games according to how much entertainment and content they provide. R600 for a five to 10 hour experience, no thank you!

The problem, as I see it, is that developers and publishers would love to take gamers for all they are worth. The used games industry has been around since the very beginning, and even before some of these developers were born.

When I was younger I was the proud owner of a SEGA Mega Drive. I used to buy dozens of SEGA games with my pocket money, because I could not afford them new. That just shows how long the second hand industry has been around. 

Developers and publishers need to get over the whole “used games industry issue”, and start making good games with high replay value. They need not worry about people trading in games for the next big thing, as this sometimes finances how they will buy the next big thing.


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