Deadly fishes x Mods For Original GTA IV ONLINE AFTER PATCHES!!!
Deadly fishes x Mods For Original GTA IV ONLINE AFTER PATCHES!!!

Please Comment & Like + Read Below! //Information. These Mods are for the original GTA [NOT TBOGT OR EFLC] Read more below for the download Link and Imformation. Mods – Super Drive Speed – Colour Flash Lights – Rainbow car marks – cars spawn – ramps – flying cars [ some cars] Download Link: WARNING When you have hot swapped and installed or just played the game, every time you start the game up you will need to sign out during the intro or your screen will freeze, and then when the intro is over and the game loads as „Starting New Game“ you can then sign back in and go right on into multi-player. and i cleared my system cache or it will freeze your xbox. //Song. Afrojack & Steve Aoki – No Beef (Enigma Dubz Remix) Thanks for watching and be sure to hit the like button! _____________________________________________ Click Here to subscribe to FusionxDGx for awesome videos.

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  1. is this a multiplayer mod oh nevermind link dont work 🙁

  2. Don’t buy from deadly fishes he gave me a scratch disk today he’s an asshole

  3. You Obviously Do If Your Taking Time To Comment.

  4. like i give a fuck

  5. LOL Like i was fucking trying

  6. dude u suck at driving!

  7. there isnt a new fucking link

  8. i sent you a pm man

  9. Also, I’m only charging for the shipment of discs, not the files, the files are totally free!

  10. I don’t even play and I agree that the game is dead, but my PayPal shows otherwise ;D

  11. Would help if people could use your site and 2 your charging for mods on a dead game

  12. Hey guys! deadly fishes x here! Yep, this is my YouTube channel… Anyways, I have a new site so if everyone wants a download link you need to get it from my official page, and we’re always updating! deadlyfishesmods com

  13. deadlyfishesmods com

  14. my new page is deadlyfishesmods com

  15. new link is deadlyfishesmods com

  16. Could you upload on another site please?!?!?!?

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