Crysis 3 First Details Land, Release Date And Setting Revealed?
Crysis 3 First Details Land, Release Date And Setting Revealed?

After speculation that Crysis 3 is most likely going to be officially announced next week, it seems we now may have actually gotten the first details for the game.

These details appeared online courtesy of a Russian website, which claims that the upcoming but yet to be officially announced sequel will be released in spring 2013.

Furthermore, the new game, shown in the above screenshot, will apparently be set in a New York that is “almost a jungle” after being utterly destroyed during Crysis 2, and this would mean that Crysis 3 is combining the setting of both its predecessors, which I think is an awesome idea personally.

Please more jungle than city though. Those streets of New York were so linear and restricted.

Apparently, Crytek has promised to deliver “the best sandbox FPS in the market” with Crysis 3.

That’s a bold claim to me considering my low opinion of Crysis 2. Looking back I actually feel I was too generous towards it. The original Crysis will stay with me as one of my favourite games of all time, and one of the best shooters I’ve played. Crysis 2, by contrast, is a really disappointing and bad memory.

Let’s hope that third time’s a charm hey? Crysis 3 is definitely looking and sounding pretty exciting, but I’ll stay true to my character and be skeptic about it until I can see some gameplay.

Here’s hoping we get to see it in action soon.


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