 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on a Mac!  [wrapper]
 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on a Mac!  [wrapper]

 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on a Mac!  [New Wrappers] Big thank you to Ryontheking14 for the cider port and The Numb & benac1 for testing! Everyone keep in mind, you NEED 512mb of VRAM+ for it to work well!!! forum.portingteam.com My mac is below mimum VRAM so that is partly the reason for any lag in the video. Macbook 2009 – 4gb ram – nVidia GeForce 9400m – intel core 2 duo 2.26ghz – 256mb vram (512mb VRAM or above needed for this game.)

  1. why can´t it be on mac

  2. Nice video bro!

  3. whats the song name?

  4. its so buggy i hate it its unplayable

  5. 6.66gb. This file is eeeeeeeevil

  6. i have the cider wrapper but for some reason it says my screen resolution is not compatable? I have a 13inch macbook pro any help?

  7. Broken link, could you refresh it?

  8. if your using a macbook pro it actually has 2 gpus a 256 and a 512

  9. not too well. You might get by.

  10. you need to have the game as well as the wrapper.

  11. Anyone know hoe it will run on a VRAM with 384 mb ??


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