Xbox 360 Error code E68 Fix ????
Xbox 360 Error code E68 Fix ????

i used a piece of aluminium foil to short pins of my hard drive and my E68 error code disappeared :o it works with my hard drive, may work with yours…

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  1. soldering these two pins together is way more professional and last longer… just go get your self a cheap soldering gun. the soldering wire comes with.

  2. how can i fix my xbox 360???, wheen i connect the hard drive i get the red rings and wen i take it off i could play fine, how can i fix that??? pls answer

  3. ic tried tapping blowing in it plugging all wires out then puttin in havent trie this 1 yet i hope it works

  4. Anybody else watched countless videos on how to fix this and it still wont work? Foil, tapping it on hard surfaces, letting it sit for a while and even the freezer method doesn’t work. The only thing I haven’t done is thrown it out the window…

  5. the fuck aare you watchin? lol

  6. There is a good number of videos on youtube that will walk you through step by step how to disassemble an xbox 360.

  7. to think 60 hours of mass effect was gone… I have the new model 360, will this work fine if I got a transfer cable(stupid xbox hard drive plug to USB essentially) ? thanks for posting!

  8. it also still works if you pull the foil off well i dose with mine

  9. It woks perfectly, now my question is, why this solution actually works??

  10. My little brother moved something now all 120 gb hardrive is out of memory.Could someone help me?

  11. My Xbox 360 Elite has a 120 GB hard drive… and it doesn’t have the pins next to the connector. I’m thinking about sticking aluminum foil in random places until something changes. If it works, I’m going to make that my new philosophy for life in general.

  12. hey bro i had a question for you ! How did you get the xbox casing open ?

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