Syndicate – Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 16 [Milestone 19 / Burning Tower] (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)
Syndicate – Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 16 [Milestone 19 / Burning Tower] (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)

Leave a rating if you enjoyed it. Helps the channel out 😀 Syndicate Walkthrough Part 16 with Gameplay for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in HD. Part 16 of my Syndicate Gameplay Walkthrough includes Chapter Milestone 19: Burning Tower. Welcome to my Single Player Campaign Walkthrough for the game Syndicate on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC with Gameplay. Syndicate 2012 (codenamed Project RedLime and also known as Syndicate 3) is the third game in the Syndicate series. The game is set a century before the events of the original Syndicate and deals with the rise of EuroCorp to global dominance, in a story written by British author Richard Morgan.

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  1. you should breach the robot thing that you didnt breach and it follows you shooting all the enemies

  2. i forgot to say this but was it just me or did anyone else see the 3 lazer rifles in the part before this

  3. i forgot to say this but was it just me or did anyone else see the 3 laser rifles in the part before this

  4. Imagine how many problems could have been solved if that been vault was just an old school combination vault. You lock it behind you and no amount of computer hacking would matter. hehehehe. You would just have to wait outside the vault until your head exploded.

  5. I can´t get through that door ?!?!?

  6. i think the word you were looking for with endless waves is barrage

  7. add me on ps3 killer_richi 69 M.O.A.Bs

  8. He didn’t breach the drone to help him -_-

  9. u know that there is a user name named syndcate?

  10. Brad huge waste to not breach the drone

  11. brad me thinks you should try using secondary fire at least once on every new weapon you pick up just in case it helps with armored opponents like the shot gun with explosive rounds just a suggestion tho p.s YOU ROCK

  12. somehow.. this game reminds me of the movie equilibrium

  13. Hope this ends soon

  14. 4:25 WTF? How does that work?

  15. That weapon is really cool…

  16. Brad, when all else fails… Hit as many people in the face as hard as you can! 😀

  17. All out mayham!

  18. i got mu new lap top and out this video up to 720 hd! it looks amazing

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