How to Run a Xbox 360 Game from a External Hard Drive/Usb on a J-tagged Xbox 360 [HD]
How to Run a Xbox 360 Game from a External Hard Drive/Usb on a J-tagged Xbox 360 [HD]

Here is a step by step instruction on how to get games running from a external hard drive / usb thumb drive on a J-tagged Xbox 360 from Xexmenu. Please watch in full screen to see everything clearly. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO GET A VIRUS DETECTION FROM YOUR ANITVIRUS PROGRAMS FROM THIS RAR FILE, THEY ARE NOT VIRUSES, ANTIVIRUS PROGRAMS DO NOT LIKE PROGRAMS THAT ARE JUST EXE FILES, THEY FLAG THEM EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT, I WOULD NOT DO THAT TO PEOPLE BUT IF YOU DON’T TRUST THIS TRY GOOGLE FOR THE PROGRAMS Here are the files i use in video. 1) Xexmenu (Code9999) 2) Xtaf v32 Beta 3 3) Xbox Image Browser This is my second tutorial so if you have any comments, suggestions please let me know. I know in the middle of it i spelled Partition and folder wrong. Sorry about that i went to Boonton HighSchool. This is my first time using Camtasia Studio. This is a great program fro capturing your desktop and then editing. Thanks guys for Watching Please Rate, Comment, and Subscribe

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  1. Can i run game from external hard disk on a hacked xbox 360?And what is jtag xbox 360?

  2. bro change your links please.. megaupload is’nt allowed now. how can i download this software now ? :/

  3. @DrunkinSknk If i sent you $ trough Paypal & mailed you my 360 would you JTAG it?

  4. do you need to soldier in a reset glitch hack too or can that be done with software??? e.g USB

  5. Awesome tutorial yo! thanks… 🙂

  6. R.I.P Mega Upload
    New link plz

  7. reup your file somewhere else. MegaUpload got taken down.

  8. @tory420915 NO that is not a jtag

  9. check it out i have a xbox 360 that has the mod where it can play burnt games. can i use this on my xbox

  10. @slysoft46227 A jtag is a soldiered hack that allow the running of unsigned code on a xbox 360, kind of like a jailbreak for a iPhone, except this can not be done with just software the is soldiering that has to be done to the motherboard to allow this

  11. @DrunkinSknk some of us have no clue what JTAGGED is.

  12. wow incredible!!!!

  13. I look forward to your videos :3

  14. legit shit thanks bruh

  15. I got it it work my gamertag r3mix r3play

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