How to JTag a Xbox360 with a USB Flash Drive (Available to use with all Cod Games)
How to JTag a Xbox360 with a USB Flash Drive (Available to use with all Cod Games)

The latest way to Jtag your xbox360 using nothing but a 1gb Memory Stick (Must be Configured using Xbox360 Dashboard) As of December 2011 this latest JTag mod can be performed in under 10 minutes using the Appropriate Tools. Tools Needed 1. A USB memory Stick with Atleast 1Gb of memory. (Must be configured on your Xbox360) 2. A Full xbox live Connection. 3. Atleast a 2mb Broadband Connection. 4. Custom Firmware + Game of your choice ie ( Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2/Call of Duty 4/World at war) These are the only games Currently supported at this time. Instructions 1. Insert your memory stick into your Xbox360 and go to System/Memory and configure. 2. After you have successfully configured your Memory stick Remove from your xbox360 and insert it into your PC/Laptop. 3. Drag your Custom firmware and Game file (Provided below) onto your Memory stick. 4. Plug your memory stick back into your Xbox360 and navigate to your Stick. 5. Click on xex Menu and your Boot menu will appear, Just follow the onscreen instructions and choose your mods and Game ( : 6. Enjoy yourself and Play nice ( ; NOTE: This is completely undetectable (2011) and is easilly removed (By Formatting your Memory stick) Download Full ModPack Here: (cod4/mw2/WaW/BlackOps Individual Downloads and step by step Tutorial Available Here: (Site Upgraded March 2012) Individual

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  1. @GamesOfFame69 Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. This Hopeful Informational Site Is Super Fantastic And Kool Enough. READ CAPS 😉

  3. hey i just want to jtag my xbox it’s not jtaged will this work??

  4. hey bro i tried this b4 but there was no file in um 🙁 but now there is kol thanks

  5. Does the Xbox need 2 b jtaged

  6. So i need my own custom firmware for this to work?

  7. can i run freestyle dash using it?

  8. How do u turn it on?

  9. @7788andrew78  Just Invite Friends after Memory Stick has been modified.

  10. All Passwords are different upon download’ this ensures our JTag Mod is secure from our competitors.

  11. Hello is work with the new uptadte ?

  12. works well with cod4 mw2 and World at war but black ops crashes dude‘ i had to do the survey but its worth it

  13. hey whats the pass word I’m on mac so i can’t even open anything without it

  14. how does this work can you host 10th lobbies

  15. i need help im tryn to fix my bad flash and i have done the updflash.bin in to xell, and for some reason, its not doing any thing can someone help me? plz.

  16. how do i get the file opend on my xbox??????

  17. is that the password cheer bro +1

  18. does it need an jtagged xbox?

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