Binary Domain Walkthrough with Commentary Part 34 – Failed Rolls (Playthrough/Gameplay)
Binary Domain Walkthrough with Commentary Part 34 – Failed Rolls (Playthrough/Gameplay)

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  1. you should replay and re-record kingdomhearts 1

  2. and fck u sp00n xD

  3. @WeebsGames eeeh i dont know what the other guy saidbut im pretty sure that its not like cod 4 that made gaming on utube alot bigger….but i can be wrong.

  4. since they have the emp nade in the shop…..i pretty sure they have an emp missle at the time like thing and im pretty sure they can win with that one missile

  5. game sound is slightly overpowering seamus’s voice in this vid

  6. almost 8’000 videos…god damn seamus 2 days ago u were like 50 videos less then u have now!

  7. I was going to say, “play BF:BC2, but you already did it
    why don’t you try ETQW

  8. @MinecraftBetaBoy old like BF1942 old

  9. you can go down farther on your wepon upgrad

  10. old games? 😀 like bioshock 2 old?

  11. A great episode.

  12. Yes! Please do the first mass effect after you’re done with the third one

  13.  4:07 „Cafe la Amada“ so ideal for romantic evenings and shotgun rain.

  14. next game should be battle toads thumbs up if you agree

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