Xbox 360 – Activate the CHEATS MENU – Tropico 3
Xbox 360 – Activate the CHEATS MENU – Tropico 3

This video was recorded using the AverTV „USB“ HD PVR: Find out more about this product: USA: UK: Buy this game here: USA Link: UK Link: International Link: TUTORIAL: 1. To activate the Cheat Menu click down on both the Left and Right Analog Sticks and press the Start and Back buttons at the same time. 2. Scroll through the Cheat Menu and press the „A“ button on any of the items you want to activate. 3. Disables achievements. 4. Works in both the DEMO and Full Game. DOWNLOAD THE XBOX 360 DEMO: CLICK HERE: GAME DESCRIPTION: No matter whether you turn Tropico into a vacation paradise, a police state or a modern industrial nation. you will always have to defend your actions before your people! Wander through Tropico as El Presidente in order to intimidate political opponents, hold populist speeches or just to enjoy your country’s own Caribbean flair. Don’t forget to keep a sharp eye on the dangers and side-effects of your absolute power! Danger lurks on every corner, be it militant revolutionaries bent on installing a communist junta, or the machinations of the superpowers USA and the Soviet Union, both of whom would like to see a more amenable ruler in strategically important Tropico! GAME FEATURES: 1. EL PRESIDENTE IS BACK! Rule as all-powerful, El Presidente as you decide whether to turn your tropical island into a vacation paradise, a prosperous industrial nation or

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  1. @IkilledGaddafi

    READ the ANNOTATION or the TEXT TUTORIAL in the DESCRIPTION below the video.

    The information is there for a reason.

  2. Do the cheats work the same for Tropico 4?

  3. @SMGClanx

    It’s essentially the same thing as Tropico 3 with a few extras. If you liked the last one, go ahead.



  5. I’m thinking of buying Tropico 4 for Xbox. Is it worth it?

  6. for xbox

  7. does anyone know if tropico 4 has a cheat menu ? i can’t find it.

  8. @DXSXDXSXD people have different ways of having fun.

  9. anyone know how to do this on pc?

  10. @mrsuns10
    of u have xbox live buy it

  11. @mrsuns10 i bought mine off the xbox marketplace for $19.99

  12. thats pretty cool thanks

  13. @mrsuns10

    Use the link to the game in the description below the video or go to your local game store.

  14. Does anyone know where I can buy this game for $10-15 bucks?

  15. can you still save your game when the cheats are active?

  16. Do these cheats disable achievements ?

  17. Going to go try this now… It looks legit. If it works I will love you forever and subscribe.

  18. I went check it,it worked.

    +1 Subscriber

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