The Darkness 2 Walkthrough with Commentary Part 9 – Burn It Down
The Darkness 2 Walkthrough with Commentary Part 9 – Burn It Down

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  1. so who is watching safe house tommorow?

  2. @DjRoHardstyle yeah because everything seamus says shows up as subtitles right?


  4. Nice episode. shame you couldn’t record ds without emulator cuz i know you like the RE games. And i don’t think there is a 3DS emulator.


  6. @sociopathicbovine who NOVA  (James)

  7. U mean splatter house… Lol, slaughter house

  8. @PhoenixGodX Lol, he licked the picture.

  9. Okay, so the Darkness is Satan. Wow… didn’t see that coming. :P

  10. @NuMbEnCoRe1226 Ikr.

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  12. Between Nova (James) and Sly (Eddie), I now know who Seamus will sacrifice.

  13. @Tastylettuce12 nope Mike Patton

  14. Does Steven Blume voice the Darkness?

  15. @destructiveresoning same. Lol.

  16. if im right the two monsters names is Bite and Slashy

  17. that dude that sniffed the picture is fucked up

  18. Hot I meant

  19. 8:05 damn, those hoes are hoy! - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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