Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1

Kingdoms of Amalur Walkthrough w/ Gameplay!! Reckoning is an amazing action RPG launching in February!! Leave a Like if you’re excited to see more!! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! GHOSTROBO SHIRTS AND STICKERS! Thanks for watching 🙂 Click here to subscribe!

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  1. @doobishg or Mass Fable:Oblivion

  2. This game is is is awsome i don’t even have words to discribe it its its favourite part was when you created the best charather in the hole game.rock on GhostRobo

  3. gogo fake delete your file like you did for dark souls

  4. @bancridhe The Elder Fables: Origins.

  5. @bancridhe u forgot skyrim

  6. Menu is good!!
    What is this bozo talking about? Aha

  7. Tuatha = Darkspawn

  8. @borobengal It doesn’t look like an Xbox game, it has a more stylized, high-fantasy art style than Skyrim’s gritty design.

  9. @beini321 hehe þetta er svo mikið rugl hvað þeir stella svo mikið frá Íslandi eins og í skyrim sem gaur hjét Dagur og eitthvern annar sem hjét Brynjólf 😛

  10. @MyBuGGLes :O neihey ég líka 🙂

  11. The detail is that poor, it looks like an Xbox game. You can’t compare this to Elder Scrolls, it’s a mile off that. It’s like a Castlevania game.

  12. @beini321 Im icelandic

  13. @MyBuGGLes why „lulz exactly“ ?

  14. Since this game is a lot like Fable, and Fable 2 and 3 sucked, im just going to pretend fable 2 and 3 never existed and pretend Kingdoms of amular is fable 2

  15. @beini321 LoL Exactly!

  16. @Avelidiota ya it does plays nothing like it though download the demo its pretty good

  17. @Avelidiota Word

  18. @Avelidiota It was inspired by fable but it is much much better and the story actually matters :3. fable’s (fable 3 atleast) was poorly thought out and this game’s story has 10thousand or something years of lore written down by a very good writer and it has good vibes by people as well known as TotalBuiscuit. 🙂 you should try it out.

  19. @zild3r Exactly what i thought when the video started

  20. World of Dragon Agefablecraft

  21. ljosalfar and dokkalfar = ljósálfar and dökkálfar/ ljós álfar and dökk álfar in icelandic is light and dark elves :O

  22. ‚I WAS on the slab, I WAS dead , …I like your mustache!‘ :‘)

  23. @GhostRobo You are correct. The game Kingdoms of Amalur is coming out on February 7th. I looked it up.

  24. @TheChaoticDawn NO its when skyrim had sex with wow but wow had a secret love affair with fable thus creating the Tri-Hybrid baby Kingdoms of Amalur.

  25. So its pretty much Fable crossed with Dragon Age…

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