Catherine Walkthrough – PT. 35 – Stage 7 – The Spiral Corridor – Floor 4
Catherine Walkthrough – PT. 35 – Stage 7 – The Spiral Corridor – Floor 4

This is part 35 of our Catherine walkthrough and will cover Stage 7 – The Spiral Corridor – Floor 4 For a full written walkthrough for Catherine, please check out

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  1. I literally had little to no problems with the levels until this stage reared it’s ugly, five block high head and kicked my sheepy ass.

  2. the whole game was a breeze until this spiral corridor shit… :l

  3. @ISesseriI mine is the same way im tryna find a walkthru wid ma same floor four but nobody else has dat same one

  4. @thatblackdamon
    Actually he’s playing on Normal mode, I got the same stage, and you can undo on both easy and normal difficulty, just not hard mode.

  5. What the hell, my Floor 4 is different.

  6. @FrostBite4point0
    Here is some trivia for you, since you finished commenting. In Japan Trisha, Erica and „the kid“ in the dreams are voiced by the same woman, this means that the theory that Toby is him based on them having the same VA in the English version is wrong. This was your Catherine trivia for tonight.

  7. @thatblackdamon
    you can undo in any level.

  8. can som1 tell me why the stages are different im pretty sure this guys doing easy mode bcuz he can undo soo…

  9. this is nothing like what is on my level

  10. My level is different?

  11. 3:08 It’s a prom.
    Oh. Uh, didn’t know you felt that way, bro.

  12. Omg Thank you! I normally don’t cheat in games but I was spending way to long on this D:

  13. Whoever’s doing this video needs to talk less. Pretty much everything you say is annoying.

  14. UUUUUGH, THE CONFESSIONAL GUY IS -SO- CREEPY! He always sounds like he’s having an orgasm when he talks! D|

  15. All of this, I swear… It’s the kid! Toby, he’s got to be doing all of this! Ifyou pay attention closely, all the signs lead up to him! Well… I’ll figure out once I finish watching 🙂 Great Walkthrough.

  16. thats a nightmare 2 figureout!!!

  17. OMG you’re a genius! Thank god for this or I would never have been able to move on!

  18. @MashedTater12 thanks for the spoiler ass hole!

  19. I was wondering if Jonny was talking about Erica too.

  20. OMG can you imagine a giant dead ballerina chasing up you the walls?!

  21. @tbuggy55 facepalm

  22. @WhatIfFloydWasPink i’ll try mi best:P

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