Saints Row: The Third Update 2
Saints Row: The Third Update 2

This video displays some of the gameplay in Saints row 3. The game series went from calling gang members or homies for back up to being able to call in air strikes. From where taking human hostages was a big deal to now being able to hold someones car hostage by remotely driving it. Always subscribe for more news on Saints the third Song: XV- Smallvile

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  1. @kemando12 they actually took it straight out of ricky bobby

  2. wats the name of this song

  3. Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax is gunna be so ETHICAL!

  4. Oh and I loved competitive multiplayer in saints 1, specially Protect the PIMP on the airport level… They totally dumbed down the competitive play for SR2 and I didn’t like it at all, so this change is actually welcomed as it will allow them to make a flawless co-op experience. I didn’t play SR2 competitive at all, I LOVED co-op! Going to strip clubs, n clothes shopping, n doing missions, n killin cops, n wreckin shit up with a buddy was FUCKIN AMAZING.

  5. The tiger thing is like straight out of The Hangover… lol OVER THE TOP! I’m so stoked… SO SOON TOO! 29 days!

  6. i already pre ordered the platnium pack for this game on the xbox 360

  7. 1 I think it’s better 2 that sucks dick

  8. 1.dont care never played online saints it wont make the game eassier to beat it will make it harder because if ur getin shot ur health wont recharche because ur getin shot LOL XD

  9. this one sounds like the best one yet. to be onest . i didnt really give a crap about the multiplayer. but holy god mthis game is going to be epic. as soon as im done posting this comment im going to subscribe to you for to reasons. 1: i want to learn more about this game. 2: i think its a good idea to make this sort of video because alot of people like me are interested by this sort of stuff. oh and sorry for the huge comment.

  10. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i want online multiplayer the game is awesome (cries forever ) (seriosly)

  11. @bigdaddyj199 i was thinking the same thing right when i saw that i was like oh hangover ? sweet haha

  12. Well theres still one-one so I have no problem with taking out competitive multi player, and if they really want too they could make it dlc

  13. you wanna be a pilot you learn how to fly

  14. XV thats my shit damn

  15. hmmmmmm tiger in the back seat hmmmm wonder where they could of got that from hmmmm maybeeee THE HANGOVER!

  16. It’s not a napalm carpet bomb cause napalm means fire

  17. thanks for the information


  18. Split Screen (2Player) Co-Op would be an awesome change. Rather then having to LAN.
    Also, We are running a gang here remember!!! If you go online, I say it should be 4 players available to join a game!!!

  19. are u shur this is saints row this seems to advanced to the 2nd

  20. Guys de guardian angel activity, doesnt remember you a movie like the hangover 😀

  21. saints row 2 had multiplayer?

  22. No FUZZ btw 🙁 or Septic Advenger 🙁 or somthing else, I hope the gang customizetion is better, i mean like go to a plasstic surgeon, and decide what they look like, I really and fat gut with fish lips.. okay -.-

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