Preview: Saints Row the Third – Weapons
Preview: Saints Row the Third – Weapons

How does one kill an enemy is the most entertaining way? With and mind-controlling molesk launcher of course! Duh!

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  1. @toxic780 go to gun store

  2. saints row is ment to be an realistic gta 4 got really boring after i beat it like 2 time but in saints row u can do tons for shit after beating the game

  3. the wight car is the Torch and there are 4 levels of weapon upgrades

  4. @toxic780 Go to Friendly fire, select Buy/upgrade weapons. Select the weapon you want to upgrade. There will be four levels. They will unlock as you buy the next. Like, level 3 will only unlock after you buy level 2.

  5. @toxic780 You need to go to any weapon shop and go to Buy Ammo/Upragde Weapon, then choose weapon and by it another level. Every weapon max level is 4

  6. how u level the weapons up?

  7. whats that white car called

  8. The fun a wackiness is what gta used to be…this is a prime example of what gta needs to start doing again good job thq on making one of the funnest free Rome games I have ever played in a long time

  9. @tappaja2 i both both realism and fun, so why not get both? :D

  10. someone took an arrow in the knee

  11. @DjTommyKx Yeah Gta IV has more realism but this game has more fun in it which is more important in my opinion..

  12. @brbn93 gta IV will beat this no doubt… this looks fun but just out there and unrealistic gtaIV is more on the relm of realism.

  13. cant even hear this douchebag talking because if the shitty tribal jigaboo music in the background.

  14. @XStreamGunz oooh i feel sorry for youre horrible piece of shit ipad you unlucky bastard.

    *extreme sarcasm*

  15. Thumbs up for big purple dildo

  16. Omg nvm, typ mistake, annoying ipad

  17. Gettin it cor christmas, withon

  18. 5 prople didnt survive their commute and 6 got mind controled by a molesk then blown up by it

  19. Can’t wait 5 days till I can finally play it :)

  20. This Game ROCKS!!! - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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