FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Player Database | Trading Help!
FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Player Database | Trading Help!

Link Below… Thumbs up for the most helpful FUT website! Amazing trading tool…showing a little bit on how to use the FIFA 11 Database…The FIFA 12 database should be a lot of the same so enjoy! Link to FIFA 12 Database: Link to FIFA 11 Database:

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  2. To get free players as compensation send an email to – and just give them your ea details: email, ea password and security answer.

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  6. We see that your account is currently logged in to the console version. FUT Web is only available when you are logged out of console. Please log out and try again in a few minutes.

  7. Just used this website which downloads software onto your account online. Generates coins once you have checked the information and agreed to a form. Safe, secure and reliable, had 200,000 coins within 24 hours. fut-coin-generator-glitch.weeb­­

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  10. Tutorial on how to get FIFA 12 Ultimate Team coins absolutly free (ps3) !! 

  11. We at easports are very sorry about this and would like to replace any missing players or coins all we need is your email and pass so a member of the support team can
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  12. I am sooo happy right now! just emailed EA saying I lost IF Berbatov and the money I paid for him and they emailed me back saying that the problem had been solved and when I went back on FUT I had IF Berbatov and 350,000 coins! the email? address is give them your EA account email and password and your FUT Web App security question

  13. Anyone interested in price fixing hit me up… I have a video that explains what we’ll do.

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  15. if you wanna make money buy a guy called from roger lm from cruziero he is going for like 12k but a oyutuber called nepenthez is going to upload a vid of him and the last guy he uploaded a video of he went buy 50k buy him noooooowwwww

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  17. fifa12thecoingenerator(dot)wee­bly(dot)com. My friend told me about this site and it is amazing!!!! At the moment me and my mate are having a competition to see who can sell the most coins. The site now has a player duplicater, you can get 6 of the same player. It also has a coin generator. This site is amazing, i reccommend this site to anyone.

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