Xbox 360 homebrew | FreeStyleDash v2.2
Xbox 360 homebrew | FreeStyleDash v2.2

A new version of the homebrew FreeStyle alternative Dashboard for JTAG/RGH XDK-hombrew 360s has been released:
We started to do some small updates and fixes on FSD for running on Slim.
While working on it, we incorporated more and more fixes and some brand new features.
The result: FSD 2.2 Final

Some of the new features:
* Faster file management (copy / delete / etc)
* Play games from pc-share (with ConnectX plugin)
* Support for Slim on board MU
* New weather provider
* New tune on the about screen

Information on how to use ConnectX is found in the plugins folder.
For users that used the auto-update feature: the ConnectX-only package can be downloaded seperately (instructions included).

Official Site:
Full Changelog:
Download: n/a (built with XDK)

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