WWE All Stars RVD CAW with Formula + Gameplay
WWE All Stars RVD CAW with Formula + Gameplay

Gameplay by me for caws all credits goes to caws.ws & caw maker Baron WWE All Stars RVD CAW with Formula + Gameplay vs Rey Mysterio Steel cage match FORMULA:- name-RVD moveset-Steamboat finisher-frog splash entrance-fighter or steamboat nickname- superstar hgt- 6’0 face type 1 head shape 50,75,56,65 skull- 23,60,48,40,40,18 cheek- 56,56,52,60 ear default brow- 99,55,0,60,30 eye- 86,90,10,85,30,51,56 nose- 50,50,50,19,65,85,50,31,50 mouth- 73,0,0,49,55,59,88 jaw- 62,60,60,44,60 eye color 4,2,8 eye brows 33-1,2,8 hair style 41- 2,2,8 head stubble 8- 5,2,8 facial stubble 3- 10,3,8 skin default 1/color 20,1,10 body shape overall-60 chest-54,58,49 should-31,50,58 ab-69,57,50 waist-60,80 arms-54,54 hands 50 legs 60,60 feet 50 tight top 4D- 0,1,1/0,1,5 wrist tape 4- 3,1,10/3,1,10 hands 3B- 3,1,10 tights 24- 0,1,1/0,1,5 knee pads 11- black boots 16- 3,1,10/3,1,10 hat 23- 0,3,8 adjust- 28,85,44,50,50,5050,43,59 (this makes the ‘hair’) Game used : wwe All stars Genere :Xbox 360/Wrestling mode :caw Captured using :Easy cap 2.0 Recorded using : Inter video winDVR 3.0 Rendered using :ulead videostudio 10 FOR MORE VIDEOS:- www.youtube.com _____________________________________________ Tags:- wwe all stars rvd caw with formula how to create a brock lesnar goldberg british bulldog fantasy warfare path of champions the rock triple h shawn michaels edge randy orton john cena undertaker xbox 360 live ps3 online ps2 psp wii demo gameplay unlockables dlc svr smackdown vs raw 2011 2012 entrance

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  1. i loveeee ittttttt

  2. psp plz 

  3. i have from you 30 CAWS and i am going to do them too thanks a lot

  4. Damn It :”(

  5. can psp do this?

  6. @SCARFACE40214 I know what you mean. I plan to use this for D’Lo Brown too lol

  7. @ChazmaniacTV Yeah, my bad, I hadn’t played this game at the time, and I didn’t know that was the in-game frog splash. I thought it was just a 450.

  8. @SCARFACE40214 That is EG’s frog splash.

  9. Couldn’t you have used EG’s Frog Splash as the finisher? Just a suggestion. Btw, you make the best All Stars CAW’s I’ve ever seen. Great work!

  10. @helix4000 type in youtube “wwe all stars code to unlock everything” and you’ll see.

  11. u are my go-to caw creator

  12. where can i find adjust in ps2?

  13. how do you unlock entrances cause i don’t have steamboat’s entrance

  14. @TheGreta958 yea

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