Skyrim Walkthrough with James- PT24 – Diplomatic Immunity (3/3)
Skyrim Walkthrough with James- PT24 – Diplomatic Immunity (3/3)

This is a video walkthrough of Skyrim with James For a complete written walkthrough please visit

  1. this quest is so fucking terrible, i got glitched and no weapons or anything in chest, how the fuck am i suppose to even kill a guard now

  2. thanks could never get past last part by the way

  3. Guys to open the trap door you have to read all the information you have collected from thalmor embassy. Then guards will show up, kill them and one of them will have the key.

  4. suck it toby……

  5. @FlyHighProductionzzz u mean delphine?she TELLS you that you need to meet her in riverwood in the sleeping giant inn.she’s there waiting for you.

  6. all i had to do was open the book…

  7. how can i get my stuff that i gave to dolphin back?

  8. Love the vid. Thanks for the help. BTW You are funny as hell lol. Keep up the good work 🙂

  9. So much blood sweat and tears from me on this mission

  10. @NuGzzHD If you go back to the Inn where Delphine is, in her secret room look in the chest and in there should be all you’re stuff 🙂

  11. @Ghapki92 No problem 😀

  12. How much do get my things back after this quest?

  13. @thesnowycar thanks dude

  14. were’s the key for the reeking cave i cant seem to find it

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