Skyrim – Introductions, Escaping Helgen and Imperial Scum (Let’s Play #1) 1080p HD
Skyrim – Introductions, Escaping Helgen and Imperial Scum (Let’s Play #1) 1080p HD

Force Strategy Gaming presents: Skyrim Let’s Play Series The Epic adventure known as Skyrim is upon us! Watch as Force begins his grand journey in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Force Strategy Gaming: Force Strategy Gaming Your premier location for strategy and tactic advice for all the games you love. Intro by Zach Booth

  1. hey guess wut i want 4 christmas this year now

  2. @Fa1nTy agreed! i want to know!

  3. Can anyone tell me what difficulty he will be playing on later? I don’t want to watch another let’s play where you 1-shot everything on normal…

  4. Chuck Norris killed this dragon….

  5. is this evil playthrough

  6. Should of taken things like the mages robes to sell later in the game. But i guess thats the beauty of the elder scrolls games, everyone plays them differently.

  7. Also, you cant read very well so dont do this anymore.

  8. No, you cant kill Rolof… ololol

  9. make a „let’s play“ of star wars or star wars the force unleashed (optional)

  10. „gonna go visit your sister in Gurword? Ok.“ lol fail.

  11. @PrfectRoll Yup.

  12. @ijustluvgaybuttsex Yeah, I know, after I posted that comment, I returned the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller and I’m like… the greybeards aren’t dragonborn… that means my youtube comment is invalid… dammit… lol, but yeah. You’re right. I was just tryna prove that Ulfric isn’t your regular villain/hero.

  13. @PrfectRoll You don’t have to be a dragonborn to use shouts. Look at the greybeards, they are not dragonborn.

  14. Read the books, and then do what you did, add the time code for those who want to not read it.

  15. I’m not gonna watch this cuz i’m gonna get skyrim for christmas so i don’t want to spoil what happens to myself:D

  16. *SPOILER*** After watching this and doing some of the quests, I now understand that Ulfric is a dragonborn. Hence the rug over his mouth, unables him to produce shouts.

  17. 16.30 its weird to see you loot a woman gear and wear it~.~

  18. Great work Force. Haduken !!! HAHAHA. Im liking this game.

  19. i love this playthough series so good !

  20. you did a wonderful job in this first playthrough force, very entertaining and ur funny as heck but also being professional 🙂 <3

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