Skyrim – How to Get the Mace of Molag Bal Walkthrough Pt.1/2
Skyrim – How to Get the Mace of Molag Bal Walkthrough Pt.1/2

One of the best, and coolest maces in skyrim it looks awesome and can do a lot of damage with high 1 handed skill or by upgrading it with blacksmithing. Please give the video a LIKE it helps me out a lot! ———————————————- Subscribe! Twitter! Facebook Fanpage!

  1. When I go to grab the mace nothing happens at all? Do you know why?

  2. I used to think that the molag bal was the hardest hitting weapon in the game…until I upgraded my blades sword to legendary

  3. I use to think battlefield 3 was cooler then skyrim….then i took an arrow to the knee……skyrims cooler.

  4. I was about to get the mace of mojang ball but i took an arrow to the knee

  5. Lol this quest sent me to a completely different location…the priest was in a cave where the leader of the Forsworn was…they didn’t attack me or anything I just kinda walked in and freed the priest.

  6. @ Wiggmuzzle Hey did u know if u equip a sword and shield or spells and then equip a bow in the quick menu just hit the bow again and it will equip the previous set? (Only works for bows)

  7. @ant18246 legendary

  8. „Of course I didn’t hear that! I’m looting, sir.“ lol

  9. hahaha he gets so angry at the enemy’s

  10. whats better flawless or legendary

  11. love this! make more!:D

  12. oh and wats your intro music?

  13. hey wiggmuzzle this is funny i just got a skyforgesteel sword and it does more damage than my deadric sword

  14. Lol, i just did this quest a second before you made this video! xD
    But still a good guide! keep em up!

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