Skyrim Discerning the Transmundane Walkthrough – Oghma Infinium – Daedric Artifact # 2
Skyrim Discerning the Transmundane Walkthrough – Oghma Infinium – Daedric Artifact # 2

*** EXPAND FOR LIAR’S RETREAT & MORE INFO *** See this video for how to get to Liar’s Retreat: This video covers how to obtain the Oghma Infinium from the quest Discerning the Transmundane, given to you during „Elder Knowledge“. This item is one of the Daedric artifacts needed for the „Oblivion Walker“ achievement. It also can be used for a powerful leveling / skillup glitch (see my video response to this). See my other Daedric Artifact videos: 1. The House of Horrors ( Mace of Molag Bal ) 2. Discerning the Transmundane ( Oghma Infinium ) 3. Pieces of the Past ( Mehrunes‘ Razor ) 4. Azura’s Star / The Black Star ( The Black Star or Azura’s Star ) 5. A Daedra’s Best Friend ( Masque of Clavicus Vile ) 6. The Mind of Madness ( Wabbajack ) 7. The Only Cure ( Spellbreaker ) 8. The Break of Dawn ( Dawnbreaker ) 9. The Cursed Tribe ( Volendrung ) 10. Waking Nightmare ( Skull of Corruption ) 11. The Taste of Death ( Ring of Namira ) 12. Boethiah’s Calling ( Ebony Mail ) 13. The Whispering Door ( Ebony Blade ) 14. A Night to Remember ( Sanguine Rose ) 15. Ill Met By Moonlight ( Ring of Hircine & Savior’s Hide ) Thank you for watching! Please leave a like if this video helped you. I have covered all of the Daedric Artifact quests

  1. Lol i left the lexicon at that place XD

  2. @jsasace – you have to be that level in order to get the blood harvesting step. if you aren’t that level yet he doesnt offer it. once you reach 15 he sends a courier (mainly shows up in winterhold)

  3. @pms00 im some where around that lv im like a lv 15 or below does he stop giving the quest after that point

  4. awesome thanks for the upload

  5. @sammylauncher123 go to the place where u found the Elder Scroll. take of the Lexicon from the machine/puzzle. bring it back to Septimus ; /watch?v=xRYrdDO37lU

  6. /watch?v=xRYrdDO37lU&feature=channel_video_title Oghma Infinium without bookshelf. !!! works at ps3/xbox/pc !! 😀

  7. @pms00
    septimus is told me he’ll contact me, after i had given him the lexicon
    does this have something to to with my level or glitch?
    pls help!

  8. @sammylauncher123 I mean Lexicon not lexinus

  9. @sammylauncher123 I mean Lexicon not lexinus

  10. Got problem.. when i gave the lexinus (that cube) then the quest not update.. then i press start. the quest only showed. Fill the Lexicon. and Give the Lexicon to Septimus Signus
    i played on Xbox360.

  11. SOmethings not right…..after the update, upon after giving the lexicon to him, he said it would take time for to figure out a way to use the lexicon…..

  12. @pms00 Do i get to kill this ass hole deric god who want to make me his bitch after he is done with the old guy???

  13. @nvthagbent – see my other video on how to get there

  14. I love you!! (no homo) 🙂

  15. I posted a „How to get to Liar’s Retreat“ video as a Video Response. It shows you how to get there from Dragon Bridge, for anyone having issues with this.

    Please thumbs this comment up – Thanks!

  16. for those who arent quite high levels yet doing this I suggest to be careful when trying to find this place. If you follow the river from markarth like I did your going to run into a dragon.

  17. freakinj cannot find lairs reach and on top of tht some dragon wont leave my ass alone….

  18. @jsasace – are you over level 15 ?

  19. for some reason Septimus Signus isnt giving me the quest after i return he just goes on about his loard and opening the cube this all spark loaded die =) please if your haveing the same problem and fixed it can you send me a message on how you did it beat the main quest too 🙁

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