Playing Skyrim With A Kinect Is Better Than Sex [Video]
Playing Skyrim With A Kinect Is Better Than Sex [Video]

Finally a reason to own a Kinect!

Just kidding, Microsoft, please don’t void our warranties…

Some guy who’s really good at tinkering and probably insta-maxed Smithing, Enchanting and Alchemy upon starting up Skyrim, has found a way to get Kinect to work with the game.

He uses the PC version of the game — also referred to as ‘Bethesda’s Space Simulator‘ — to effectively mod in Kinect support, and it’s pretty fucking awesome, to put it lightly.

The best part? You can speak your Shouts, in the game. Yes, that’s right: “FUS RO DAH” at your PC and watch the enemies fly in-game.

Probably the most epic Skyrim mod you’ll ever come across, if it were actually available to the public. Oh well…


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