Epic fight in a restaurant – 2 vs. 3 – [REAL] (Different camera angle)
Epic fight in a restaurant – 2 vs. 3 – [REAL] (Different camera angle)

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  1. Real epic….. If you watch this for the first time…

  2. Hahah.. I like this fight

  3. @YJYGames It’s also „pussy“ to fight 3v2. They’re called advantages, and life’s not always fair.

  4. If u knock sumbody out on they azz, u stay kikn they azz, its fightn, aint no rules, let em get up, gtfoh!!!!

  5. Did tha white dude w no shirt scream let’s go!! Lmao!!!

  6. hahah they broke faggot #1 in that jersey all limpin away

  7. Its pussy kicking someone who is on the Ground! You let him stand up and Beat him down again. Its so pussy!!!

  8. at no time was it ever more than 2:1, and even then, it was the two „black“ guys against the white, and! they had to cheap shot. there isnt anyone fighting that actually knows how to fight. and the kicks to the head when hes technically knocked out, really? man up!

  9. @Kcteamplayer1 xD realy ? /watch?v=395sklbSD-k&feature=related then explain this…

    i realy dont think the skin colour matters in the fight o.O in my life i knocked out tens blacks and im white… does it mean the black people cant fight ? ur just pathetic

  10. That’s why you don’t fuck with nigas.

  11. Hahaha white guys can’t fight it was three of them an they still didn’t win hahaha damn crackers can’t fight

  12. lmfao! that nigga got dropped and that one chick came back for her drink lol smh… this is hilarious. that nigga pickin up chairs and shit like that’s gone help the situation.

  13. The puppy had enough sense to get the hell outta there. smh

  14. whered the dog go D:

  15. Feel sorry for the dog…

  16. dude i got the board. laters.

  17. @SuperElMojado i know right look how scared he was

  18. White trash. Makes people like me look bad.

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