Elder Scrolls: Skyrim- House of Horrors/Daedric Quest
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim- House of Horrors/Daedric Quest

this is a test video, so i need suggestions and or solutions to my sound problem…more to be made, subscribe/favorite/like….I will be making walkthroughs achievement guides etc… QUEST LOCATION: Markarth-in front of abandoned building The Elder of Scrolls V: Skyrim Xbox 360 Gt: Jglitch

  1. how do you leave the house? i did all this and it says requires key i cant get out!!!!

  2. dam quest scared me at first. i walk in the door locked. then the house was rumbling objects were flying every where hitting me and the priest or what ever is like “ theres something going on here“ he said that like 30 times so i got pissed and killed him, i heard a voice went to collect my reward was told to free some priest and im still locked in the house like let me the hell out how do you get out?

  3. Wtf I killed the dude and saw the mace and it still wount let me leavr

  4. @xxBZ865xx it got to the best of us

  5. @RDWAirsoft I tried like a whole 2 hours trying to figure it out…..but finally i have to load the latest save and it was hour and a half before i get there….I give up…And then did the quest and Work with any problem…you should do the same.

  6. @Dead8Bird im having the same problem and i saved in the fucking house

  7. Can som 1 help me? the quest says: talk to …( id dont remember the name ^^)

    How can i talk to the guy?? The map sais that he stands behind the wall 🙁

  8. I Just had a BUG!!!, The guy who invites you to the house didn’t move at all…..The whole place was crambling…and the retard was like „something is going on here“….finally kill him…(he doesn’t move at all) the voice unlock the door I spoke to him to bring the priest bla bla….and NOW the fucking voice trap me inside the house Cause the FRONT DOOR IS LOCKED!!!! AYFK?!, Now how do i get out?

  9. this quest is a pain in the ass i couldnt get the front door back open after he told me to go save the guy :@

  10. 2:11 thats what she said

  11. If you get this glitch where the man doesn’t move, just dont bother with the quest leave the bulding, if you get the graphic problem everywhere you go then find a word wall and learn the shout, and if you get the earthquake problem(perminate rumbling) then save the game and dashboard and go back into the game. Thumbs up for people to see so that they can get it sorted 🙂

  12. this quest creeped me the fuck out

  13. @Allesay same here

  14. Okay no scratch that last 1 yoda.. Now the top door to skyrim is locked!

  15. @05yoda Dude it was the same for me the glitchy piece of ass! kill the tool whos just stodd in the middle of the room… go downstairs where you needed the key and its open.. jog down go to grab the mace and you get a cutscene and the shiz stops rumbling

  16. Absolutely none of this quest performed correctly for me. I went through it multiple times and the guy just stands in the middle of the room throughout until I kill him. Molag Bol releases me and then the front door is locked! Quite the pain and luckily I had an auto-save.

  17. @05yoda You have to revert back to an earlier save. No way to fix it from that point. When I loaded a new save and went in again the quest worked properly. Hope you can get it sorted out.

  18. I sorted out the glitch where my whole skyrim world was exactly how it is in the house by finding a word/shout wall, but now the whole world is shaking, you know how it does in the house, how the hell do I stop that.

  19. @jglitch0 can you tell me how to get this quest?

  20. @Obombration the quest is doing the exact same for me, and the whole of skyrim has that annoying shade now aswell as the smoke, I really dont want to have to restart the game either, what do i do?

  21. this is where im currently at, but the dude aint moving from where he is, he just stands there and says theres no way out, even tho i can just walk out the house, but the whole city is shaking and shiz

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