Drive a TRON Bike and Car in Saints Row the Third!
Drive a TRON Bike and Car in Saints Row the Third!

We’re back with another Saints Row the Third gameplay vid. This time, we’ll show you how to drive some TRON-like bikes and cars. Watch our Saints Row Review: Watch ALL of our Saints Row coverage, including hands on gameplay, at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Keep checking back here for more news all this week! Like, Comment & Share This Video Destructoid: Destructoid on Revision3 Destructoid on Twitter: Destructoid on Facebook: Max on Twitter: Tara on Twitter: ABOUT THE DTOID SHOW Destructoid is the gaming show brought to you by gamers, for gamers. And also for anyone interested in robots, unicorns, and jet packs.

  1. @DTOID not the other one

  2. @NoiThinkiWillStay you hav to play all of them in the deckers island

  3. love how everyone goes (SPOILER ALERT) and then say it right away

  4. 0:25 – Bull shit. I’ve played that damn mission eight times and still haven’t gotten my tron bike.

  5. @tyree955

  6. @AchiroRothlkin it is not a mod -_-

  7. Well my mom already bought me this as a christmas present I know wat I’m doin on christmas

  8. @PS3Maniac27
    You can do things like you can with most cars, change the torque and the reinforcements. You can sometimes change a lot of the colors too, however those neon lights and stuff on the side are always that color of blue because they aren’t actualy the bike’s model, they’re like an extra model added onto the bike.

  9. every person one youtube say „hey guys“ at the start of every vid well funny

  10. @AchiroRothlkin Right i get it now what can you do to it.

  11. @PS3Maniac27
    it was awkward to explain.
    Go into the modshop with a car you’re able to mod, ya?
    Then select „garage“ in the menu.
    Find the car you want to mod, like let’s say it’s the tron bike, and select it
    A window will come up asking you if you want to retrieve it, do not accept
    instead back out of the menu until you’re back in the car modding menu
    the tron bike should now be selected as the modifiable car instead of the previous car you had.

  12. @AchiroRothlkin Hi i found that a little awkwardly worded could you explain it again for me. Thanks

  13. Awesome, I was wondering how you get that car, I dont care for the bike but now I know how to get the car that’s what I’m doing tommorow.

  14. I want those vehicles, but these missions are bullshit. way to fucking hard and not all that fun.

  15. @AchiroRothlkin DUDE! your the best i now have a glowing pink and purple vampire bike with super x2 nitrious!!! needless to say i died on my first venture out on the speed demon, but it was the shit while it lasted.

  16. dude whats the name of the car and bike you could prob just use cheats to spawn it in your garage because you can spawn any traffic car like if u want a cop car go to cheats and enter: givepeacemaker thats all you gotta do for any car you want give(carnamehere)

  17. @TheLordPie I’m guessing you mean in the game… there are 2 trailblazing activities one North of the map and one south

  18. @sayaingoku101 How did you get the tron bike in the real life?

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