[Dopefish] Saints Row: The Third – Part 3 – Jiggly Cat Backpack
[Dopefish] Saints Row: The Third – Part 3 – Jiggly Cat Backpack

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  1. greetings from finland.ur fakking hilarius ;D

  2. ‘look at those legs, they’re all fucked! fucked up legs..’ LOL

  3. I cant believe he is a teacher.

  4. i would tap that (;

  5. I am almost positive that is one of Guinan’s hats you’re wearing…

  6. Dont know waht it is…BUT I F** WANT IT!!!


  8. what was that thing?


    oh my, if i had that much joy from every funny word :D

  10. do you happen to be high while playing these games?

  11. :P. I am not a gamer, I just watch these video’s because it’s dopefish! :P

  12. @Tindeification Going to bed 9 minutes later then expected? Lol yes.

  13. I don’t even find the clothes funny but dopefish makes me laugh. Heh

  14. Dope, god fucking damn it your soundquality..

  15. @Haylzorz Trisha takanowaaaaa

  16. whats up wit the sound sound quality man??

  17. is that news reporter that Chinese news reporter from family guy :p


  19. Waaait a second I don’t know if anyone else has made a comment about it… but is the news lady on the radio the same voice as the news lady from Family Guy? I forget her name. But srsly… sounds just like her.

  20. 3:26 Lady Gaga of the video jamesssss

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