[Dopefish] Saints Row: The Third – Part 11 – Does There Have To Be So Much Killing?!
[Dopefish] Saints Row: The Third – Part 11 – Does There Have To Be So Much Killing?!

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  1. 7:00 the BEST evil laugh i have ever heard. Watchin him torch everyone while doin it
    Adds to the hilarity

  2. 6:44 LOL SA reference xD

  3. Gör ett avsnitt på svenska din neger.

  4. i like it when he shoots that guy.

  5. What’s all the “FHUFF” about?

  6. Burnin’ bitcheeeees!

  7. Varje gång du pratar svenska får jag ett roligt pirr i kroppen.

  8. I seriously hope you never get a driver’s licence

  9. DOOOOOOOD can you play more boshy time? I know you probably fuckin hate it but it’s so funny hahahaha

  10. dat_evillaugh :D

  11. Dude, this dude is swedish!

  12. There is a San Andreas reference. :D

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