Dance Central – Satisfaction – Hard
Dance Central – Satisfaction – Hard

Learn Hip Hop Dance only 99¢! Limited time offer! Harmonix brings you the next way to interact with your music: Dance Central. Your body is the controller so stand up and get your groove on! Check out all of our Dance Central videos: Check out these related Mahalo Video Game Walkthroughs: Kinect Joy Ride Walkthrough: Fighters Uncaged Walkthrough: Kinect Adventures Walkthrough: 007 Blood Stone Walkthrough: GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough: Castlevania Lords of Shadow Walkthrough: NBA Jam Walkthrough: Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest Walkthrough: Front Mission Evolved Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough: Death Spank: Thongs of Virtue Walkthrough: Halo: Reach Walkthrough: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Walkthrough: Shank Walkthrough: Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough: StarCraft 2 Walkthrough: Check out these Mahalo Video Games Specialty Videos: Enslaved Journey to the West Review: Sonic 4 Review: Fallout New Vegas: Failout: DJ Hero 2 Beginner Mode with John Mahalo: Dead Rising 2 Review: Halo Bleep: Dead Rising 2 Blanka Compilation Montage: LOTR Aragorn’s Quest Review: Check out

  1. The dancer (in the game) is damn sexy.

  2. why do people need To dislike this?

  3. haha flail for the freestyle too!! xD

  4. why is this game not on ps3??? at first i had a wii but then i switch to ps3 because they had better games…wondering if they had games like this one and after i bought the ps3 now i see games that are not even good as this one… UGH!! So upset.

  5. @Mr9thdimension doesnt sound like school to me lol

  6. I love OBLIO! <3

  7. 0.53 cant do the move can you 😉 lol

  8. 10 facts’re reading this comment
    2. you’re reading these stupid facts
    4. you are realizing i skipped 3 and you are checking now
    6. you are smiling and see theres no 5
    7. you are still reading this comment
    9. you don’t realize i skipped 8
    10. you are checking again and smiling about how you fell for it again
    11. you are enjoying this you probably didn’t notice there was only supposed to be 10 fact. copy and paste to 1 other video and your crush will kiss you

  9. Can you play your OWN music in this game from your IPod?

  10. skip to 0:30

  11. Wow You Play this very nice how long per day you play this game?

  12. Lol the guy is in his studio 😀 haha

  13. i came here for the music because the video is to disturbing 😛

  14. People say kinect dosnt work with dark skinned people?

  15. Man you suck at this!

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