CAPCOM Lineup 2011/2012
CAPCOM Lineup 2011/2012

Brand new footage of Capcom titles which will be released 2011 and 2012. For further information check out!!!

  1. Great couple yrs for Capcom.. Buying all these games

  2. @TheKenpachi01 its a reboot of the franchise, it doesnt take place chronologicaly

  3. My fav in CAPCOM is…Ryu,Ken,Chun-li(that ass), Asura, Dante, and more

  4. @trystandias there was a game about young dante devil may cry 3 in that game he awoken to his demon form so really no need for another game of young dante

  5. So dante isnt the same….after soooo long people still dont get this is supposed to be him as a teen. Its in the past before he became the white haired bad ass we love. Im not thrilled about his emo look, but if ur father was a devil and u were half devil, what would u expect?

  6. definetley gonna get street fighter x tekken

  7. we need remake of dino crisis that was my favorite game i have both dino 1 and 2 and for the dreamcast as well they should use unreal tech for the remake i hope cross yur fingers

  8. asuras wrath keiji inafuna produce it they goin to cancel it because he left capcon a couple months ago or change the producer i hate capcom with out keiji they will no capcom in the first mega man started it all for capcom

  9. titles NOT being released in 2011 and 2012: Ace attorney investigations 2, Megaman legends 3, Megaman universe, Monster Hunter Online. FUCK YOU CAPCOM SERIOUSLY.

  10. @Darkearth123 It’s a shame I can only vote you up by one.

  11. @Ben10vids DAMN RIGHT


  13. @DEATHSTORM360 agree, and they should make it 3rd person shooting/slashing 

  14. dante come back!!!!!!!!!!!!

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