▶ Mortal Kombat 9 Jade Sexy Alternate Costume [HD]
▶ Mortal Kombat 9 Jade Sexy Alternate Costume [HD]

Mortal Kombat 9: Jade In Sexy Alternate Costume – HD – Enjoy.

  1. @crabclaw85 that’s not the only thing stuck in between her legs… bow chicka wow wow

  2. lol her ponytail is stuck in between her legs

  3. @TheUltimateBeing01 tell me what reasons they have against dark people

  4. @TsukuyomiGeass

    They got their reasons, trust me.

  5. @TheUltimateBeing01 I guess the white society hates people darker than them……:(

  6. She is edenian… :)

  7. @Naruto4479 wtf are you commenting me about?

  8. just enjoy the fact that shes hot.

  9. @94mav98 its none of my… but blacks have features of many different races, because they were one of the first. theres no such thing as having „black“ features, because we have all features humanly possible to have on one race. People swear to god my mother is a dark skin asian woman when she is a native somalian woman and no where close to asian. We are DIVERSE in genes. we have the highest gene diversity in the world. and why are you guys arguing over a video game character, shes not real

  10. @jayallday52193 whats your point???

  11. @JackTheRyder4

    Hey, I’m not the one debating whether or not she’s black.
    I couldn’t give two fucks and a damn about the skin color of a video game character.

  12. @TheUltimateBeing01 Does it matter that people think she’s black? Are you so insecure about black women that you must deny any possibility of a darker skinned person being black?

  13. I remember when the mk ladies of outworld wore body suits… not any more, seems the more you show the better… meh‘ I don’t hold to that mentality…

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