Vergil – Iplaywinner Guide to Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Vergil – Iplaywinner Guide to Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Basic primer on Vergil – head to for more strategy and info!

  1. so after using dragon punch forward light and teleport back down do u have to super jump back up to get the opponent back in the combo

  2. @ResistanceForever really? It doesn’t really bother me as long as I can hear what he is saying, it also makes me feel like buying an arcade stick myself lol

  3. @ashlovesmanny Canceling is chaining moves together so that they combo. Basically you press the mid attack then, immediately do a special move after. A basic combo for Magneto would be like L, M, H, qcf (quarter-circle forward) M. You’d be canceling the H attack into Magneto’s EM Disruptor. Normals can be chained like this to Specials or Hypers, and Specials can usually be canceled into Hypers as well.

  4. goddamn, that button noise is fucking annoying.

  5. after youuse the follow up teleport to the DP are you normal jumping or super jumping for the follow up?

  6. @drzero7 Agreed seeing as how I main Vergil. I 90% never use Vergils DT. I would like to but I don’t really know or attempted to try any DT combos. I feel as if it really isn’t important to me but if I do see good DT combos then I’d probably change my mind real quick..

  7. @alone8406 You must be a pad player. lol

  8. @Ovuh9K This combo makes no sense. A none wall bounce Stinger into air attacks. And what move has a 6236 motion? I don’t know of one. Get your shit together before you talk about someones guide.

  9. Then a special I mean……

  10. Can some one help me please I have the Gide and I don’t know what’s a cancel?? There’s a combo like M cancel the a speacl move after it?? What’s a cancel?

  11. @Ovuh9K how the hell did you get stinger into j.mmh. also shouldnt it be 2h instead 3h? lastly that combo doesnt do as much damage as spooky’s combo. basically if ur not doing combos that include spiral sword or devil trigger then ur not doing good dmg with vergil.
    and its not even week 1, cut spooky some slack the man works his ass off already. he showed me a combo that did 800k, thats good enough for me to like this vid

  12. thumbs up if you checked your fb during the video….

  13. Low quality guide. best and safest bnb for vergil; lmh stinger j.mmh 3h otg assist gennocide cutter (6236 m) gennocide cutter 3h special1

  14. @rmnhn Well yes and no…his combos are easy to do, but some of his supers aren’t usable if you aren’t in his devil trigger mode.

  15. that tapping noise is so fuckin annoying i couldnt watch the whole vid.

  16. Yeh Spooky MASH those BUTTONS!!!

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