UMVC3 The Online Warrior: Episode One ‚Welcome Back‘
UMVC3 The Online Warrior: Episode One ‚Welcome Back‘

The Online Warrior returns with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. An ongoing level up video series covering strategy, individual characters, team synergy…and everything UMVC3 while playing online ranked games. This episode is just an introduction to re-familiarize yourself with online play. thanks for playing

  1. …. Iron-Man, Frank West, Dormammu, fun/good team, at least for me.

  2. @ 4:02 how on earth do I do that with a ps3 controller?

  3. Could you do a Dormammu, Taskmaster, Iron Fist team to see how that works some time down the road? He’s my potential replacement for Haggar so I want to know how he works there.

  4. sorry for being a noob, but why do you refer to it as vanilla?

  5. dude that air x-factor cancel into obection was sick, you made P.Wright godtier with that!

  6. I really like this show of yours, and I actually can’t think how you’d improve it :D.

  7. phoenix wright for the win

  8. play against CPU is much more fun! If you dont have a friend to play with you offline… On line i just see team aerial combos and spam of assistance… its really annoying…

  9. @2XGodxSpeedXd im looking in to it my problem is im awesome with capt. and wesker just cant find the third character to help fight the spam any sudgestions

  10. @thedustinification That would depend on who you are using. But as far as getting past cheeze you need to super jump and use air dashes. Also if you mess up, block. Also Firebrand is a hard counter IMO for Dooms ranged game.

  11. Hey, Miles923, I’d like to know if you could show some of the regular standing, crouching and jumping attacks. Some characters have wierd one like rocket raccoons heavy, (which looks useful). I want to know how to chain combos and stuff. Also I want to know which characters that have moves that take the characters off the ground. I’m having trouble incorporating them into combos. Thanks a lot for making the assist me episodes. Now I can beat my friends without playing the game!

  12. Hmm is it just me or is imputing a command in umvc3 more difficult?

  13. a lot of spammers online …………… -.-

  14. Max ur absolutely right! I was getting whooped at first all the time online too! It was so frustrating because I’m not bad either and I do good too.but it took some online experience and now i got my vanilla mojo back. Ranking back up soon!

  15. I’d love to see some strategies or matches with Frank West!

  16. rocket racoons keep away plus ghostrider’s knockback assist<---thats a ridiculous combo

  17. 9:50 you say you lost the match right there yet you won the match in the end.
    your so humble xD

  18. viscant is still somewhere on top of the leaderboards in uMvC3.
    ive seen it myself on the 360.

  19. Honestly, i’d love it if you were to do Phoenix Wright.
    He looks like a fantastic character, and I wanna try and get good with the character I requested so many times! 😀

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