The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim playthrough pt10
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim playthrough pt10

This is my playthrough of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, with live commentary. http for game playthroughs for fighting game coverage Follow me on Twitter @TheyCallMeDSP Get merch at

  1. take it back, I didn’t watch 40 seconds later xDDD

  2. The reason you died instantly is because of a gas explosion….. The floor is covered and gas. Gas+Fire, you do the math.

  3. 6:57
    Battle axe AWAY!

  4. Can you quicksave on the 360?

  5. A good advice is to keep your distance while using magic, this way it´s easier to avoid enemy melee hits

  6. @DARKSYSONFTW No, you can still put the same spell in both hands and cast their one handed spells at the same time.

  7. @Xdeser1 oh sorry dude i was lookin at the comments early in on the video my b

  8. @Xdeser1 yeah but you need to level up the destruction skill before you can use 2 handed spells

  9. yes,keep giving him advice and notes guys when Phil never even looked at the comment and reply it

  10. omg that annoying ringing sound. make it stop.

  11. @MrDelishioso i think that noise is from the healing spell

  12. Does anyone else here an annoying high pitched ping every second or so? ughgfg

  13. I swear, ive been yelling at phil for the entire playthrough, but when he said
    „OOHHHH, so whenever it says „level up“ you level up“
    I facepalmed SOOOOOOOOOO hard.

  14. the fire spell has range you don’t need to stand 1 ft in front of their face.

  15. Looks awesome i had the old one on Regular xbox 🙂

  16. If you like Archery the best thumbs up! lol

  17. @Ignore14

    *Grabs the skull of a swordfish and the battle agains the undead ensues* xD

  18. @SonicDude87 ATTACK!

  19. @Ignore14

    Oh no! I’ve seen this on the late show! You ghoulish fiends hold me down and take turns nibbling on my innards! Then you eat my brains and leave my body for the buzzards!!

  20. @SonicDude87 only the army of the living dead.

  21. @Ignore14

    You and what army?

  22. why do you stand so close to the enemy when cast a spell?????????????

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