The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Gameplay
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Gameplay

Brad and friends dodge clubs, club seals, and seal fates in the dangerous, ludicrous world of Skyrim.

  1. Poor Animal :'( 28:05

  2. i haven’t got the game yet can you get 2 handed melee

  3. how do you capture souls?

  4. if you guys are like lvl 40+ you’l fight an ancient dragon… It’s so beast it can kill you in 2hits -_-

  5. thanks this is quite funny and actuly usefull

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  7. @Vengeance376 think that was a sabre cat lol

  8. @Nathan2345678 The only good thing about that game was the combat system.Yeah this game has way more content and beautiful locations.That’s why I was hoping this would have a better combat system at least equal to Dark Messiah.The one present in this looks so dull.*swing**swing**dead*.

  9. @TheDemontool the game is shit though

  10. 28:15 even penn thought it was funny 😀

  11. Dark Messiah still has the best combat system 😀

  12. hahhaa kafasına sopayla geçiriio türk usulu oynamak lazım bunu 😀

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  14. Their Stone, the Steed Stone, is NorthWest of Solitude, East of Fort Hraggstad ontop of the mountain peak.

  15. @fernandopox why do you need a playstation 1

  16. best part 28:05

  17. That giant hate cats. He’s a bad person.

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  19. When bears fly lol

  20. @FerreTrip the best part of the video!

  21. Actual lvl cap is 81, that’s all skills to 100. But past 50 it slows way way down.

  22. @5razor Yes you can, with the mouse scroll u choos the view that u want

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