SvR2011 Xbox 360 Version – American Bad Ass FIXED Entrance w/ Announce and Advanced Entrance
SvR2011 Xbox 360 Version – American Bad Ass FIXED Entrance w/ Announce and Advanced Entrance

This is the new DLC 3 American Bad Ass Entrance on my version of the game. Did people say there was no announcement or advanced entrance for him? lol wut I previously uploaded this, but fixed the in ring motion with OverTheEdge’s suggestions on using Chris Master’s in ring motion. I forgot all about that one, because I was setting it up in the game, to transfer it to the ABA Taker, and there are no DLC entrances in the advanced editor. Oh well, I can add them though, and with my editor, you won’t have the stupid restrictions of the game either. This will be a part of an upcoming update to my program. NO JTAG REQUIRED!!!

  1. @eddygagnon1234567 Thanks for reading the description.

  2. @xboxhackingportal hey um how do u fix his entrence to say his name i tryed everything pls tell me

  3. You people are hella stupid. Know I know why BrienJ asks pissy towards you guys. Cause you ask retarted questions, you bunch of illeterare dopes. Mabey if you read his videos for once you woulden’t ask these questions. But stupidity is stupidity and will never change. There goes the rant.

  4. @Bornwithawesomeness Thank you Captain Obvious, however, the complete point of this entrance is to show it’s an Advanced entrance, with a long intro, and the correct in-ring motions, which you can not give him or any other DLC in the game, with the in-game entrance editor. Get with the program. Thanks.

  5. @xboxhackingportal it’s better than nothing. hell some people don’t even have the decency to change the entrance music. i think i saw a video where someone hacked his old entrance. i respect how you did yours though. thank you for uploading

  6. @DoorsFanatic95 The irony of your statement is funny. If you don’t like the entrance, well good for you.

  7. @xboxhackingportal people are simple minded. by the way that’s chuck palumbo’s motorcycle entrance. undertaker doesn’t hump his motorcycle when he circles the ring. nice try though

  8. @Ravesy22 Burned a CD with the song, made a playlist, and gave him that song. It’s really not that difficult. LOL

  9. howd you get the music for him?

  10. palumbo’s entrance is still stupid, because of stopping the bike every few seconds and jerking his body like a retard. what can you do though?

  11. @Serghate It’s all in my program. you can edit entrances anyway you want, as well as a ton of other things.

  12. I got the dlc too, but i cannot edit the entrance of the undertaker the way i want to. The only thing i can do is just selecting the kind of entrance but i can’t choose the lights i want, the fireworks and stuff like that. Can you help?

  13. you’re gonna pay you’re gonna pay you’re gonna pay

  14. Same pretty much, epicly awesome!

  15. @ZehFiend If you say so …

  16. @xboxhackingportal The Kid rock one was actually decent.

  17. @xboxhackingportal i tottaly agree man

  18. @SvR2011Storylines Out of all the ABA themes, which ALL sucked, this was the „best“ one. Definitely better than Trollin‘ and that Kid Rock song. LOL

  19. i dont like this theme. kid rock’s theme was better too

  20. @Ryboiiiii Not that I’ve come across, but then again, I haven’t looked through all of them, but I really doubt it.

  21. YES Chris Masters! Epic…

    Question, you know how they are hidden moves in the game, is there any hidden entrances? Thanks.

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