Skyrim Walkthrough – How to Become a Werewolf
Skyrim Walkthrough – How to Become a Werewolf

This is a quick guide of how to become a werewolf in skyrim. For a complete walkthrough of the werewolf journey, watch part 48 though 52 of James‘ walkthrough of Skyrim. How To Become A Werewolf 1. Complete a quest for the Jarl of Dragonreach in Whiterun to begin your journey to lycanthropy. 2. From there, drop by the Companions faction. They’ll give you a series of quests to complete. 3. Finish every quest they give you until you complete the chain, and the Companions will send you on one final job. To gather some items before meeting them in the Underforge. 4. In the Underforge, you’ll enter into the ritual to become a werewolf. Now, you’ll need to figure out where to find a cure… The benefits of becoming a Werewolf are; your health and stamina increase by 100, your sprinting speed becomes faster than a horse’s gallop. You gain a new shout that instills fear in enemies and summons wolves, while also gaining some hand-to-hand melee damage bonuses. You’re also a criminal, and will be hunted by guards while in werewolf form. There are drawbacks; you can’t use spells, equip items, or loot corpses in wolf-form. You also won’t be able to talk to NPCs. Your werewolf form will also scare away NPCs, or turn them hostile towards you. If you’re caught transforming into a werewolf, it’s counted as a major crime. Beware, you’re also weak against silver! Transforming into a werewolf is temporary, so the change isn’t permanent. If you do change into a werewolf, try to do it far away

  1. @lolz11113
    yeah seriously! Do you know how to find the guy who sharpens Vilkas‘ sword? Because that’s what I came here to figure out but he skipped right over that whole part….

  2. @blarson12
    im sorry but that sounds kind of dumb :/

  3. That’s All Good And All But I’m Lazy Lol. Anyone Know Where To Find A Werewolf So I Can Just Do It That Way? I’ve Been Searching All Over The Game And The Internet And Found Nothing :/

  4. Skyrim is a great game BUT, they fucked up the whole vampire/werewolf thing. They made being them like a permanent curse. What they should have done is allow your curse to become a blessing. Lets say that you can only become a vampire/werewolf at night. To raise your level of vampire/werewolf skills. As a vampire you suck blood from sleeping victoms and as a werewolf you eat dead bodies of humans and animals. Every time you do that, you unlock better abilities. I wish i was a dev.

  5. great walkthrough! thanks a lot man

  6. @Thekingcmk its not a sword you can get its conjured

  7. thanks great walkthrough.

  8. ?are you playing this on the lowest graphic settings possible?

  9. this was badass 😀

  10. First what level are you doing this and where can i get that badass sword u have lol

  11. Not exactly a walk through when you just skip the parts that need to lead to places…

  12. thanks for this,it helped alot.

  13. can u turn back into a human if you want?

  14. @Miepieish Now that’s where you’re wrong. It’s not 60 seconds. It’s 2 and a half minutes. But everything else is right.

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