Skyrim Playthrough – #10: I’m Sorry!
Skyrim Playthrough – #10: I’m Sorry!

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  1. @DARKATTACKUS lol i know

  2. why did you fall in the pit without searching the chest first -.-

  3. Kpop look into conjuration if you want to summon a beast to fight alongside you.

  4. What about uncharted!!!!! 🙁

  5. SPOILERS she’s very happy next ep. Cause she becomes IT.

  6. Love the vids , when are you uploading some more

  7. When you get a follower later on don’t forget that you can use that person as a pack mull so you can carry more loot.

  8. Darn youtube shenanigans.

    Either way, I’m enjoying this series. I find it amusing you haven’t even tried fighting a dragon yet. 😀

  9. Those are some big ass kitchen knives..

  10. @roneisagoon im level 17 with full dwarven armor and iv finished the main story and doing all the side quests now.. yeah im a nerd i know 😛

  11. Hey Kpopp people say by the eight divine, because they forbid the worship of Talos in Skyrim, because he was a man and the elves that won the great war don’t allow it.

  12. Darkblade13913 okk

  13. hey kpopp just so u know the silver hand is the mission where u become a werewolf

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