Skyrim Gameplay – Let’s Play Skyrim Part 19 1080P (Dragon Attacks Riverwood, I buy a Home)
Skyrim Gameplay – Let’s Play Skyrim Part 19 1080P (Dragon Attacks Riverwood, I buy a Home)

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  1. i think you could’ve totally avoided pickpocketing if you had just talked about the dragons

  2. Dude, do the quest „Forbidden Legend“. You need to get the rest of the Gaulder amulet. It’s sick.

  3. im watching this cause i have a bad grafik card D: but this is fun (i subbed)

  4. for me frost is the best

  5. It’s crazy that i“ve sat here and watched you go thru this game…i feel like we’re friends now. Phillipe Maxwell is my name, add me as friend on facebook, i’m assuming you’re a black guy that wears glasses…not that it matters, but i am a little curious to see if you look the way i’ve imagined

  6. if im a thief/archer what should my partner be? mage or warrior?


  8. Its part 19 wtf?

  9. A dragon attacked Riverwood at my save too!

  10. Robe of the PUNISHER! 04:09

  11. Radar my name is Christian and I love ur videos

  12. hi guys some of the things im dissapointed in with skyrim is when you get in the water and get out yur still dry unlike drakes fortune he look soaked andwhen you step in snow it doesnt make a footprint or sound like you even steped in snow =/ idk i just thought it would be a little more better

  13. The amulet of speech that you gave Lydia would help with your bartering, ie more gold to you. Maybe equip it before you go to sell? Both you and Lydia carry items you dont use, i know you sell off your invent from time to time but do you sell off Lydia’s? She’s a source of money to you too. 😀

    With augmenting the 3 spells affect different mobs so not just 1 spell for all, so augment all! 😀

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