Skyrim Gameplay – First Impressions and First Campaign Quest – Mercader
Skyrim Gameplay – First Impressions and First Campaign Quest – Mercader

Skyrim – Because Australians are that awesome, we all got it early. 😉 Enjoy guys and gals, don’t forget to like and favourite. Music by Liquicity

  1. Ultra graphics, but yet can’t make a 1080p video..

  2. Skyrim was on piratebay on Nov 8th

  3. @sweeeeeeeett INTRODUCTION TWIST. 😡

  4. Geeks game?

  5. Skyrim gameplay and LoL gameplay coming up

  6. @LordOfTheDrinks01 Its his video dumbass. His fans probably want to hear him talk anyway. Theres probably tons of videos recording this whole part without someone talking. Go watch one.

  7. Dude, shut up while the dialog is going …. srsly ….

  8. @jbpopcolla1 absolutely

  9. The Dragon is Alduin: the world eater. The first son of Akatosh,the brother of Paarturnax: the leader of the Greybeards, and the final boss i thing?Anyways, Alduin is rhe coolest dragon in the game.

  10. Hahaha, i watched it after i put my last comment and i hve been answered xD

  11. When you start is it like oblivion where you customise your guy or set character? This game looks beast, and i would recommend ANYONE to buy Halo: combat evolved anniversary… its amazing! Don’t buy MW3 as its just a remake of MW2…

  12. 10:56 Nord-Ka-Bob!!!!!

  13. i feel like these types of rpg’s are like minecraft except youre not making blocks but killing dragons in hi-def. am i right?

  14. Who is fucking talking in the backgound?

  15. It was released 6 days early in Australia as a store (Harvey Norman) sold it before release.

  16. @blizzexgm I believe it costed like 550$ US Dollars or even more. Can’t remember the exact number.

  17. @mihkelnooneelse how much does that cost exactly?

  18. Name of the song is; Woody – Bandit 06:02

  19. @fogelrules When did you get it?

  20. Hey Merc if you’re getting lag it’s because Skyrim hasn’t optimised multi gpu, they will release a fix within the next two weeks

  21. I think you’ll find NZers got it 1st in the world. Just like mw3 and bf3. Might add Rugby World Cup as well.

  22. „My FPS is taking a beating here“ Err… Dude! You have a PC from NASA which maybe costs 10 000$ the least!

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