Saints Row: The Third – Naked Mayhem Gameplay Movie (Xbox 360)
Saints Row: The Third – Naked Mayhem Gameplay Movie (Xbox 360)

We assault the quiet streets of Steelport in more ways than one. You probably shouldn’t watch this at work. Follow Saints Row: The Third on GameSpot

  1. @FlamingIce433 the censor is in game

  2. Ah, this some kind of sick joke.

  3. i think game developers should show some balls by… yeah… showing some balls!

  4. will it blur it in game? lol >.>

  5. Only Nerds care more about Graphics than Gameplay….

  6. Cool! Now I can actually Teabag!


  8. @iGamer55 mw3 falt on da one>:(

  9. The reason the videos have bad graphics are that they’re being played on pre-release Xbox versions. Look at the Initiation Station for PC and the graphics are pretty good.

  10. @iGamer55 I agree. SR:TT FTW!!!

  11. @TheEe1212 sometimes they do if you have a horror game with mario graphics it wont be scary

  12. @FlamingIce433 In game, heh. Remember the van orgies you’d break up during the Fuzz activity in Saints Row 2? All of those people were naked with censored genitals and such. Same deal here.

  13. @killerskee Well in any case graphics don’t really mean shit.

  14. @DONTCKLICKMYNAME I sae the new gameplay also

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